Project: Time means Nothing when you are in the Right Place

Series of 12 color images

60cm x 50cm cm prints, Limited edition of 4

In the work, Time means nothing when you are in the right place, the subject is ordinary places, and the viewer is given four interpretations of one scene. In this manner we can compare and contrast the things we notice, see the details that move our eyes from one negative to the other, in arbitrary time, in a sequence of coincidences, constructed to capture our attention and focus us on the small changes and details that fluctuate on the surface of our lives. 

Time is something we notice, something we see, something we process, and record the changes the next time we pass. What happens in the background we don’t register- we register the differences. What is familiar becomes invisible, what is different stands out for our attention. The four negatives of 5x4 inches were taken during a few hours, randomly, presented together as four, then later as a giant mosaic, flowing based on colour and movement. 

Working with theories of Human Geography, space and place as scenes of occupation and contested territories, the images question our guided attention and challenge what we notice.

240cm x 150cm cm print, Limited edition of 4