Work in Progress: Asymmetrical landscapes.

Our attitude to nature is asymmetrical. Natures gives, we take. 

We cannot escape the consequences of our actions, neither can nature.

Landscape photography is a process of violent acquisition. 

We ‘take' photos, we 'capture' images, we 'shoot' what we see.

We commodify the landscape on a false premise- by objectifying it, we fail to recognise our responsibility to coexist with all things for mutual benefit.

What is behind this failure?  What is our mechanism of failure?

Our rapacious consumption survives on a thin veneer of elusive, ephemeral pleasure layered on complex series of costs and experiences.

It’s not our culture to think too deeply, to investigate beyond the surface. Looking and seeing are two different things. 

A fraction of a second can last an eternity. 

The peripheral becomes the invisible.

These documentary landscapes show moments and places of our deferred cultural activity. We can feel the energy of our commerce, the commodification of all aspects of 'life', and see its consequences, in nature, and in the modern environments we build to rebuild.

Nature is waiting for us to learn or leave. 

Work in progress- size/ series to be decided.