Project: Refoto Barcelona

In November 2010, as part of the Afterfoto season of activities, the Barcelona Photographic Archive and Arqueologia del Punt de Vista jointly organised a three-part educational activity entitled Working across Time: Rephotographing Images of Place, led by the North American photographer Mark Klett.

Working across Time is based on rephotography, a painstaking genre in which a scene previously photographed is shot again with the aim to show the passage of time through the comparison of the different images taken at the same place in different moments. 

However, rephotography does not entail merely taking a photograph for a second time; the activity is also based on the thorough selection of historical material and on research aimed at enabling us to set up our camera exactly where someone did so before. 

In this sense, the new photograph obtained is the by-product of a meditation on three subjects: the original photographer, the photographer who comes afterwards, and the viewer who observes both of them.

Refotografiar Barcelona was exhibited at the Arxiu Fotografic de Barcelona, 2011- 2012 with an accompanying catalogue and is in the permanent collection of the gallery.