I have exhibited my projects in several international institutional and commercial galleries, the last in the Portuguese Center of Photography in Oporto for six months in 2018/9, and had 40,000 visitors. 

I am a book publisher and designer, and have published three books on my project about grid designed cities. 

I also lecture in: Photography, Photojournalism, Fashion, and the Semiotics and Culture of the Image, in both English and Spanish. I have designed more than ten syllabi on various subjects: on the image and its use in society; ethics, and the philosophical and social implications of how we communicate our personal identity through visual information and storytelling, for example.

I also give workshops about my work to visiting groups upon request.

I have a BA in Philosophy and History, a Masters in Documentary Photography (MA), and a Masters in Fine Art (MFA) in Photography. 

In addition to English, I am fluent in Spanish, and based in Spain.

My MFA thesis and PhD proposal are available on

Thanks for looking at my work.

John Frederick Anderson